THE 72

We are a small group of artists dedicated to the ocean and sustainable living. We design ocean and beach-related art on various products with a percentage of sales going to ocean conservancy
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Despite being a small company, we try to produce products in the most sustainable way possible. We don’t necessarily have the financial resources of some other reputable companies, but we are working on it.


This is a little about who we are and what we believe
We are about collaborating, designing, and developing ideas in sustainable ways while also helping causes in which we believe, especially ocean conservancy.
Engaging the right issues attract talent and collaboration. Fun+play with a tether of social responsibility also attract attention.
Since business must be humanly sustainable to stay competitive, it must also make a difference in the world. Doing the right thing isn’t always the easy thing.
This is our part of social consciousness. We believe our oceans and earth need us to take care of them, as they take care of us.


, About Us
We live and met in Southern California. Encinitas, specifically.
, About Us
With motley backgrounds of surfing,art, science, and business, we knew each other professionally
, About Us
We can do some things better. We think we can make a difference. This is our story


We originally started with protecting the 72 miles of San Diego County’s coastline. Here are some of our goals

Financial goals

Our primary goal is to become a title sponsor of The Surfrider Foundation.

Production goals

We aim to use Repreve® recycled fabric, a few other experimental recycled materials, as well as to move into 3D printing, where there is zero waste.

Fundraising goals

Our primary goal is to become a title sponsor of The Surfrider Foundation. There are other institutions we aim to support as we grow.

Community goals

We want to further develop working with kids/schools, art programs, and comprehensive environmental stewardship.


, About Us

Products: We make products as ethically and responsibly as we can. We only produce what is ordered, nothing more.

Jenny Overton
Contributing Artist
, About Us

Artwork: Our artwork comes from artists who consciously want to simply give back. This is one of the reasons a percentage of all sales goes towards ocean conservancy

Marc Cassey
Contributing Artist

Make a good product

One of our top priorities is to make quality products that are sustainable. This, added to actually caring to take care of our customers, helps build an honest and trustworthy reputation.

Empower independent artists

While we are a group of artists ourselves, we are continually wanting to work with new artists and help grant them the chance to thrive, especially if they share our passion for the environment.

Help protect the environment

Yes, everyone says we need to protect the environment, but guess what? It takes everyone to do it. The more people working toward the common goal of a healthy planet, the better. All of us, individually and collectively, need to do our part.