, Artist <br> Interview: <br>Brit Kinghorn

Brit Kinghorn

What does your work aim to say? (if anything)

I hope that people can find something special to them in my artwork. I hope that I can bring them a glimpse of my soul. I hope that they can see it better than I can lol.


What’s your background?
(How did you start making art?/Why do you make art?)

I was born 5 months premature, my retinas were 96% detached. I received a blessing from the people at my church, The Church of Jesus Christ – Latter Day Saints. And Because of that, I believe I was given my sight for a reason. Now, I have a low vision eye disease called keratoconus. But I’ve always been addicted to drawing and creating. I feel like I’m winning against my poor eyesight by creating art. It’s very liberating and motivating for me to keep going. It’s like, I CAN do it… and then I try my best to. I’ve never had any formal training but I picked up painting a couple years ago and it’s been the greatest thing to ever happen to me. I hope I can do it forever.


Who are your biggest influences?

God, because He created Art. He created beautiful people with amazing hearts. He created this stunning world. And I simply try my best to copy His work onto Surfboards etc.


Is there an artwork here you are most proud of? Why? 

I always go back to my first surfboard that I painted. I love seeing how much I’ve grown throughout the years.


How do you know when a work is finished?

I honestly feel like every piece could always use growth. It’s just a matter of me wanting to move on to my next piece. Or, as far as I feel I can go creatively with said piece at that time. I once returned to a painting 3 years later and added so much more to it than I thought possible. That’s the cool thing about art. There is no “right” way about it.


What inspires you? What inspired this piece/idea?

The Hawaiian islands have changed my life and are constantly my muse.


Is there an element of art you enjoy working with most? Why?

The colors! The more color that I can add. The more enjoyable it is for me. Shades of blue are my favorite


If someone wants to buy your work or hire you, how do they reach you?

The best way to get in touch with me is by going through kinghornsurfko.com