, Artist<br> Interview:<br> Cherilyn Ramsey

Cherilyn Ramsey

Why do you do what you do?

I’ve always had a strong urge to create. Drawing fulfills a hole inside me that other things in life can not satisfy. I draw things that I am passionate about; things that give me life. The fact that I get to share my passions online with the world is amazing, and drives me to create more. I hope that in sharing my artwork I can give viewers a deeper appreciation for the raw, natural world around us.


How do you work?

Mostly alone, in my studio at home with a massive cup of coffee. Sometimes I venture off to a coffee shop. I am always listening to music or podcasts. And sometimes I play surfing/snowboarding films in the background for inspiration!


What does your work aim to say? (if anything)

My art aims to show how much this amazing world has to offer! I hope that it drives people to get outside, and experience life to the fullest. I want it to give viewers an escape, give them hope, and give them a deeper appreciation for the beautiful landscapes and wildlife surrounding us.


What’s your background? (How did you start making art?/Why do you make art?)

I am self-taught. I have been drawing my entire life, but only began to take it seriously and start selling my work a couple of years ago. I used to only draw people and some animals before I starting traveling and surfing. My outdoor hobbies have been a massive influence on my work! I draw constantly now, and am always inspired. These days I draw mostly waves, mountains, and marine wildlife. I feel like I am still so new to the art world and have a long way to go.


Who are your biggest influences?

There are few full time artists on instagram whom deal mostly with pen and ink that are massive influences for me:

Nicholas Baker @npb.spectrum (probably my favorite artist on insta)

Jess Lambert @_jesslambert_

Marissa Quinn @marissaquinn

Each of these artists display an insane amount of detail and originality for each of their pieces.  Their work motivates me on the daily!

My biggest influences are other artists on instagram, creating


Is there an artwork here you are most proud of? Why? 

The piece that I am currently the most proud of is my latest octopus piece! The finished product turned out completely different from the original idea. Halfway through drawing it, I almost gave up because I wasn’t happy with the way it was turning out. But I decided to stop worrying about the outcome so much and just go with my instinct. I decided to make it a bit moodier, and focused a lot on the highlights of the octopus. I was so stoked with the outcome!


How do you know when a work is finished?

When it satisfies the design I have in my head.

However, sometimes you draw and draw, and you never get that feeling of full satisfaction. This is why I have so many unfinished pieces ! No piece is ever fully finished it seems.


What inspires you? What inspired this piece/idea?

The ocean, marine wildlife, surfing, and snowboarding. Most of my inspiration comes from the ocean and the satisfaction and joy that it has given me. I can’t help but want to take that feeling and put in on paper. I have also lived in the mountains, and done a couple of snow seasons. The mountains humble me and make me feel alive, very much like the ocean does.


Is there an element of art you enjoy working with most? Why?

Ink, charcoal, and graphite are my favorite, and what I am best at. I enjoy creating designs that are high in contrast, and in detail. I love working with pen and ink because it allows you to put as much detail into the piece as you are willing.


How do you seek out opportunities?

I try to put myself out there more as get more confident in my abilities. I share my work on instagram as often as I am able to. I seek out local markets that allow me to show off my work in person, and meet people face to face. I am always looking for places to show off my artwork, wether its an art show, a cafe, a market, or online! I’ve also realized the importance of collaborating with other artists, and local organizations. Its crazy what one email to a stranger can do!


How do you price your work?

I price my work based on the size of the piece, and the amount of time it takes me to complete it.


What do you want to be known for?

I want to be known for creating beautiful black and white pieces that give people a deeper appreciation and love for the outdoors, wildlife, and adventure.


If someone wants to buy your work or hire you, how do they reach you?

They can purchase prints and originals on my website : stokedcreative.org

For commissions and quotes, email me at cherilynramsey [at] outlook.com or DM me on instagram!